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Laurie Lynn


International Dolly Parton tribute artist

Newfoundland born vocalist "Laurie Lynn" began performing Country music at the age of 9, first performing in the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Center.  

Coming from a family that listened to Country music from dusk till dawn and beyond, Laurie Lynn felt totally connected to Dolly Parton as an individual and to her lyrics as relatable to her life.

Over the course of her childhood and adolescent years, she performed on countless stages in Western Newfoundland before moving out of the province.

After raising her children she returned to performing once again, only this time, tributing to her childhood idol, "Dolly Parton."  

"It didn't matter which song I would sing, it could have been Willie Nelson, people always said, you sound like Dolly".  Its been brought to Laurie Lynns attention many times, that her authentic vibrato voice, was remarkably similar to that of Dolly, and that her petite frame, witty sense of humor and one liners portrayed her naturally.

" I am a dreamer, so being able to perform on stage and tribute to whom I feel is the greatest female legend in country music, is truly a dream come true, it keeps my heart beating."

Laurie Lynn is now an International Dolly Parton tribute artist, performing across Canada, USA and Mexico. 

If you are looking for a high energy, fun loving performance, that captures the essence of "Dolly"  Laurie Lynn as Dolly, Smoky Mountain Songbird will give you an nostalgic moment and leave you thoroughly entertained.

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